ISS Board

Integrate your ships into your business processes:

  • Communicate your planning to the ship
  • Receive automatically documents and voyage times into your ISS affreightment
  • Manage your fleet by specifications for maintenance, servicing, care and quality measures and receive automated feedback in your central ISS
  • Provide the ships with individual and/or general information about chartering and billing process

Receive your voyage plans directly on the computer on board:

  • Representation of voyage planning, if necessary with timing and conditioning
  • Easy and fast acquisition of actual voyage activities
  • Direct scanning of voyage documents
  • Automated transfer of all inputs to ISS affreightment

The ship’s personnel receive, among other things, reminders and specifications for:

  • Maintenance intervals for engines, transmissions and other technical components
  • Implementation of maintenance and care
  • Renewal of certificates

The ship’s personnel receive guidelines and assistance for:

  • Implementation of regular checks in terms of quality systems such as TMSA, EBIS, etc.
  • Training of personnel
  • Notification of deviations to the internal control system