ISS Technique/QM

Monitor and manage your fleet easily and efficiently with ISS:

  • Obtain a complete overview of your fleet from different perspectives
  • Manage your maintenance, general overhauls and investments
  • Stay constantly up-to-date with activities, checks, maintenance intervals, audit logs and the resulting KPIs
  • Recognize potentials and dangers in your fleet early and avoid monetary, technical or qualitative dangers

With the fleet management you can keep all the technical issues of the fleet under control:

  • Manage detailed information on ship, course of repairs and activities as well as documents with little effort
  • By acquisition of engine reports, you can monitor and plan upcoming oil changes, filter changes, maintenance, etc. via the operating hours
  • Monitor scheduled dates per ship, engine or component and adhere to intervals
  • Avoid expenses by recording down time and timely notification to all parties involved

With the maintenance management you can keep all administrative concerns of the fleet under control:

  • Create measures for maintenance, capture and plan your budget
  • Evaluate repairs and purchases at the time of ordering
  • Get an overview of your rest-budget and pending orders at any time

Ensure consistent quality of your processes via ISS:

  • Avoid expiration of important certificates using integrated certificate management
  • Reduce time and staffing costs for the search and maintenance of certificates
  • Work off your checklists conveniently in ISS or ISS board; these are automatically archived and can be evaluated individually
  • In addition you can automatically create new checklists according to the specified intervals
  • Manage ship-related or public documents and synchronize them with a mouse click with ISS board
  • You can categorize, assess and initiate reported deviations in the system and initiate appropriate countermeasures

Document the sustainability of your processes