JobRouter® – Digitalization platform

Link processes, documents and data with JobRouter®:

  • Efficient and fast work with the cross-industry solutions for purchasing, QM, finances, personnel, distribution and administration
  • Profit from the smooth process flow by digitalization and automation
  • Ease the communication between individual locations, departments and staff
  • Establish control and transparency with guided business processes
  • Expedite your processes with parallel process handling
  • Adapt JobRouter® with the „modular principle“ to your business size and process complexity

Connect JobRouter® fast and easy to already existing applications like Financial accounting or ERP

  • Expand your operation scenarios and prevent system breaks by numerous interfaces to DMS, CRM, ERP oder Finacial accounting
  • Work mobile thanks to the web-based, browser independent technology
  • Integrate JobRouter® into other applications with the high-capacity API

You will profit from JobRouter® thanks to the flexible functionality

  • Scale the integrable modules to every company size and process complexity
  • Use the included document-management, which supports various formats (e.g. XML, CSV, PDF, ZUGFeRD)
  • Handle and correct invoices digitally thanks to the automated document recognition

Increase your efficiency with JobRouter®

  • Shorten processes by parallel handling
  • Be prepared for all eventualities and direct process flows and information exchange – either fixed or dynamically
  • Profit from the consistent user interface
  • Improve the communication between staff, departments and locations thanks to the availability of >18 languages

Save time with automated processes

  • Reduce time-consuming researches of process status and responsibility with automated notifications, escalations and overviews
  • Save resources with reduced manual operations

Increase efficiency of all your processes by transparency

  • Provide the traceability of active and closed processes by automated, complete documentation and audit trails with JobRouter®
  • Optimize monitoring, regulation and adaption of on-going processes by a central control instance with dashboards, which can be individualized
  • JobRouter® enables every staff member to view the own assignment progress and to receive reminders for open steps
  • With the help of JobRouter®, the person in charge of processes receives full view of status and due date of all processes

Further information about JobRouter® you obtain here:

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