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Our diverse and customized solutions for the shipping and logistics sector


Always up to date and equipped for all challenges with our ERP solutions


Always up to date and one step ahead with our adaptable and flexible systems!


We are a highly experienced team and proud to be your leading partner for logistics, ERP software, inland navigation and trade.
Our 30+ years of expertise enable us to provide exceptional service and support to customers not only in the Lower Franconia
region, but throughout Europe.
Our innovative solutions and customer-centric approach set us apart from our competitors and ensure that our customers always receive the best possible results.
Whether you need reliable logistics services, advanced ERP software solutions or comprehensive support for your trading operations, our team has the skills and resources to help you achieve your goals.
Choose us to see why we are the preferred choice for businesses in the region and beyond.



With our special software ISS, we support you with challenges in the inland navigation sector and, as the market leader in Europe, offer exactly the solutions you need. During the software introduction phase - and of course afterwards - we offer consulting, development, implementation and support.
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As one of the top 20 Sage Gold Partners, we offer you a standard solution for the areas of accounting, inventory control with interfaces to webshops and online marketplaces, HR and xRM. Of course, we also support you with individual adaptations and extensions for your very specific needs.
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We master the digitalisation of your business processes with the JobRouter platform. With this platform, we also enable you to adapt and configure these processes yourself at a later stage.
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Our roots


02. May
Foundation of the company Komtec, Theaterstraße 24, Würzburg ISS V1 – First version of inland navigation software under COBOL/VAX


01. October
ISS V2 – Second version of inland navigation software under Unixware/RosiSQL/Informix


10. April
Relocation to new business premises, Berliner Platz 11, Würzburg


14. June
Splitting of Komtec into Inosys GmbH (inland navigation) and Minova (mineral oil industry)
10. September
ISS V3 – Third version of inland navigation software in Windows client-server architecture


02. January Partnership with Sage GmbH with ERP, CRM and HR solutions Development of ShotLine branch solution


14. June
ISS V4 – Fourth version of the inland navigation software based on Office 2000


15. June
ISS Bord V1 – First version of the on-board software interface from ship to office/integration of the ship into the dispatching process


02. January Move to new business premises Berliner Platz 12, Mozartcenter
05. February
ShotLine Basic Industry solution Standalone solution for micro-enterprises


02. January
ShotLine Business Industry Solution based on Sage Office Line Cooperation with Ferkinghoff Company
ISS V5 – Fifth version of the inland navigation software based on Office 2007


18. June
ISS V6 – Sixth version of the inland navigation software Access 2010 Frontend


07. November
Partnership with JobRouter / Start of sales of JobRouter workflow management systems


22. April
Release of the first mobile apps
01. July
Transfer of business from Mr. Niederle and Mr. Weinmann to Mr. Denninger and Mr. Weinert
01. September
Remodeling/ extension office space
02. October
ISS Bord V2 – Second version of the on-board software Extension Technology / QM


02. January
ISS 7 – Seventh Version of the Inland Navigation Software Segment Technology QEHS Sage 100 – new strategic product Sage Office Line becomes Sage 100 ShotLine Business becomes ShotLine 100 based on Sage 100
09. January
Development of own webshop interfaces for Sage ERP customers Shopware Magento Plentymarkets


15. January
ShotLine 50 based on Sage 50 Hybrid solution for small businesses Connector to third-party systems


18. May
Webshops from a single source Conception, layouting and creation Shopware and Magento


01. May
Partnership Plentymarkets Multi-Channel E-Commerce Solution
01. August
Definition of JobRouter as a strategic product with establishment of own department
01. October
With a team size of 24 people we are looking forward to the upcoming challenges…


18. December
Move to our new office building: Äußere Aumühlstraße 13 in Würzburg


16.06. Launch of new Website


Publication of our own B2B and B2C industry marketplace



Kerstin Brück

For me, the areas of accounting and IT come together, so I was already enthusiastic during the test configuration. When I see how easy and structured everything is now, I can only recommend JobRouter®. It's fun to help develop such a system. I can do so much myself. I can create fields and intervene at any time. The JobRouter® workflow management system is self-explanatory. I get good feedback from all my colleagues. My advice: Try it! I can't think of anything that can be said against it!
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Achim Ferkinghoff

The ShotLine is based on reliable partners such as INOSYS and Sage GmbH. This ensures us a future-oriented, legally secure solution and a stable, reliable system that can also meet our future requirements. (...) With INOSYS GmbH we have a competent and accessible partner who is always there to help us in word and deed.
Proxass Logo

Alexander Geldner

Managing director
We have replaced our old ERP with the SAGE 100 inventory management system and are thrilled with the scope and possibilities it offers for us and our future. Thanks to INOSYS GMBH, the changeover to our new system went off without a hitch and was implemented promptly and without complications.

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